Accelerate Email Acquisition & Reduce Churn

Immediately increase consumer response around your email and CRM initiatives with Quikly's urgency-marketing technology. We'll leverage psychology and incentives to help you achieve your goals faster, more cost-effectively and with less resources.


    Motivate consumers that match your ideal customer to not only opt in, but purchase. You can also motivate your audience from other marketing channels — like social or SMS — to opt in to email.


    Make profile completion easy and fun. Motivate subscribers to provide first-party data that enables your emails to be even more relevant, so you can build loyal, engaged subscribers.


    Turn a discount or special offer into an engaging experience that drives purchases. We'll help you to motivate action from both new and existing customers across your email and CRM database.


    Inspire lapsed customers to engage in digital experiences that not only reactivate, but retain them. Also gain valuable insight as to why they lapsed, so you can optimize for the future.

Use Case

Creating Direct, Meaningful Consumer Relationships

The Challenge

The Situation

Like many others, McDonald’s had an aggressive email acquisition target and understood the importance of strengthening consumer relationships with data.

Initial Marketing Outreach

As part of their evergreen email acquisition strategy, McDonald’s leveraged the Quikly platform to motivate consumer participation, capture email opt-ins for their brand and get responses to a series of seven profile questions that would strengthen the consumer relationship.

Earn Time Activity

Multiple releases occurred over the course of one month to drive consumer participation and continued captivation, which allowed McDonald’s to maximize results against their KPI.

Live Release & Call-To-Action

Top Email Integrations

Quikly seamlessly integrates with your existing email marketing technology — whether it's one of the popular solutions listed below, an alternate third-party solution or something entirely custom.