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We are a team of marketing trailblazers who are obsessed with innovating the way brands acquire, activate, and retain customers. Our philosophy is simple: develop engaging consumer experiences that deliver impressive return-on-investment from day one.

The Quikly Story

Marketers must adapt to the ever-changing environment of digital marketing. The fight for your consumer’s attention has never been greater. You need complementary solutions that easily infuse into your existing efforts across email, mobile, social, and loyalty. Ones that can quickly deliver transparent and incremental results.

Leading consumer brands use our marketing platform to run frequent, highly-targeted campaigns that reward new and existing customers for acting fast. Our solutions help capture attention and motivate important key behaviors such as purchases, loyalty signups, social engagement, or store visits. Whether you’re a digital marketer in Retail, Dining, or Consumer-Packaged Goods, our marketing platform can help deliver against evergreen marketing objectives.

Meet Our Team

Nick Byrne
Nick Byrne Director of Operations
Shawn Geller
Shawn Geller Co-Founder & CEO
Dan Gill
Dan Gill Director of Business Development
Max Gover
Max Gover Developer
Mitch Haba
Mitch Haba Client Success Manager
Eric Hopkins
Eric Hopkins Developer
Kelsey Horgan
Kelsey Horgan Creative Manager
Stephanie Husted
Stephanie Husted Senior Graphic Designer
Gabe Karp
Gabe Karp Legal Adviser
Langston Pugh
Langston Pugh Customer Service Associate
Scott Meves
Scott Meves Co-Founder & CTO
Blake Nolan
Blake Nolan Business Development Representative
Phil Okun
Phil Okun Chief Strategy Officer
Curtis Schabath
Curtis Schabath Client Campaign Manager
Kristy Sharrow
Kristy Sharrow VP of Marketing
Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart Business Development Representative
Jake Wesorick
Jake Wesorick Developer
Alison Vandenkieboom
Alison Vandenkieboom Director of Client Success
Neil Yaekle
Neil Yaekle SVP Client Success

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