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  • Configurable to achieve your marketing goals
  • Simple and easy to get started
  • Transparent results
    that deliver positive ROI

Turnkey Activations

Let us do all the work, so you can spend your team's bandwidth on other important tasks. You'll get an entire Activation Team dedicated to your success for every activation — that includes creative services, development and even strategy.

Omnichannel Offering

It's critical to speak to customers at the right time and the right place. Quikly’s marketing technology platform allows digital marketers to engage across major channels such as email, social, mobile, web and paid media to capture attention and engage seamlessly.

Branded Experience

Quikly’s Custom Activation Templates allow your brand to stay front and center. Our Reviewer provides your digital marketing team a turnkey way to drop in creative assets, including photos, videos, fonts and styles. Then our team will make sure your activation is built in a way that’s true to your brand. (All activations are also mobile, tablet and desktop optimized.)

Configurable Motivation

Activations can be configured to drive the key consumer behaviors that are important to your brand, using our flexible Motivating Actions. Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, drive curbside pickup, capture first-party customer data, increase mobile orders, generate awareness around new products or do something entirely different, Quikly can motivate the behaviors that matter most.

Seamless Incentive Integration

Offering incentives is simple with Quikly’s flexible technology platform. You can generate batch codes from your internal systems and upload them into an activation within minutes. Below are a few incentives typically used:

  • Promo Offers (unique or non-unique)
  • Early Access
  • Trial & Sampling
  • Loyalty Points
  • Sweepstakes Entries

Real-Time Performance Tracking

Track real-time results with your Real-Time Activation Dashboard. Whether you’re interested in viewing participation, social activity, conversion rates or Live Release response times, you’ll be empowered to follow along in real time as demand grows.

Immediate Results

Our technology platform is built with Embedded Conversion Rate Optimization and Psychological Motivators that ensure you’re not only motivating the consumer activities that are important to your brand, but doing so immediately.

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