Hello From Detroit

We're a team of marketing trailblazers who are obsessed with innovating the ways brands acquire, retain and reactivate customers. And we take serious pride in housing those innovations within Detroit's amazing tech community.

Our Team

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Heidi Artley
Heidi Artley Business Development Representative
Ryan Black
Ryan Black Developer
Shawn Geller
Shawn Geller Co-Founder & CEO
Dan Gill
Dan Gill Director of Business Development
Max Gover
Max Gover Developer
Patrick Grace
Patrick Grace Client Success Manager
Eric Hopkins
Eric Hopkins Developer
Kelsey Horgan
Kelsey Horgan Creative Manager
Shannon Hutchinson
Shannon Hutchinson Graphic Designer
Christen Jones
Christen Jones Business Development Representative
Gabe Karp
Gabe Karp Legal Adviser
Lindsay Keener
Lindsay Keener Brand Journalist
Scott Meves
Scott Meves Co-Founder & CTO
Phil Okun
Phil Okun Chief Strategy Officer
Langston Pugh
Langston Pugh Customer Service Associate
Brittany Rogoza
Brittany Rogoza Client Success Manager
Kristy Sharrow
Kristy Sharrow VP of Marketing
Tiger Shi
Tiger Shi Developer
Alison Vandenkieboom
Alison Vandenkieboom Director of Client Success
Neil Yaekle
Neil Yaekle SVP Client Success

Our Why

We believe there's a better way to do promotions — one that gives marketers a quicker way to reach their goals and consumers an experience they love. Our mission is to prove that and to do so while leaving our mark. On our clients. On our team. And on the city of Detroit.

Our Values


We strive to make our clients look like superheros within their workplace and industry.


We don't accept that good is good enough.


We're each not only empowered but expected to make a difference.


We work hard and figure
things out.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Help us reinvent how promotions are done, while contributing to Detroit's growing tech community.

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