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Quikly Basics

Our technology platform leverages incentives and psychology to help brands immediately increase consumer response around their key marketing initiatives, so they can hit their goals faster, more cost-effectively and with less resources. Learn more here.

In its simplest form, urgency marketing is about crafting marketing promotions in a way that drives immediate response. It’s a very effective way for brands to achieve their marketing goals in a short amount of time. Learn more here

Our product and expertise focus heavily on anticipation and fear of missing out, or FOMO. Depending on the setup, we also leverage fun competition and scarcity marketing to create urgency — and can also rely on social proof to help drive referrals.

A general sweeps has a large, aspirational prize that doesn’t always tie to the brand or drive revenue. It tends to happen over a longer period of time and require a lot of up-front work. It’s also very episodic in nature, oftentimes only happening once. Quikly gives brands an activation layer that lies on top of existing marketing campaigns, to help marketers achieve their goals in a short amount of time. Consumers earn rewards that oftentimes tie to the brand and that ultimately lead back to revenue. Our activations most often launch within days and take place over the course of one week. They also happen consistently as part of a larger ongoing marketing strategy, versus episodically.

Quikly can be leveraged across the complete customer lifecycle — acquisition through retention and even reactivation. Marketers introduce pulse events monthly/quarterly across acquisition, and then more evergreen solutions across onboarding, first-to-second purchase and retention can remain “always on.”

Perfect — that means you’ll most likely have historical benchmarks (CPA, response rates, etc.), which will help us objectively define success during the pilot! Quikly does not replace nor compete with more granular lifecycle tactics. We layer onto your existing tactics to drive incremental response rates, lower cost-per and/or accelerated growth.

Brand consistency across digital activations is critical. Rest assured that all experiences on Quikly are fully aligned with your brand. In fact, don’t just take it from us — here’s a direct quote from Vera Bradley about our team: “...they also pay close attention to the importance of brand standards and set up activations on our behalf that require little input from our internal creative team.” (More here.)

Quikly’s Client Success team is happy to develop the entire creative experience or allow your internal team (and/or agencies) to develop the creative templates. Either way, you will completely review all activation assets and sign off before we go live.

We understand. Competing priorities are a real thing. Quikly’s Client Success team makes piloting easy, efficient and turnkey. Most pilots are launched within 30 days and require 3 items to get started: a few brand images, a date for initial outreach and a set of offers/incentives.

No integrations are required. That being said, if you prefer an integration, we do have several already set up with key technologies like Salesforce, Vibes, Mobivity and more, to keep the process turnkey.

Brands tend to pull budgets from areas tied to specific marketing KPIs. In general, sponsored social, direct response and more traditional media channels (digital display, SEO, promotions, etc.) are all channels from which brands tend to pull budget. Quikly’s impact is transparent and allows for an easy way to compare results.

Quikly Activations

Our technology will help you to immediately increase consumer response around your key marketing initiatives. Each time we work with you toward one of those initiatives — like getting more Instagram followers, or increasing mobile app downloads, for example — we call it an “activation,” because we’re activating consumers around your goals.

Quikly activations are built around your goals to immediately increase consumer response. Our technology can be configured in hundreds of different ways to get you there, but at its core, it generates activations that motivate consumers — through psychology and incentives — to complete critical marketing activities for your brand. Please visit our Product Overview page to learn more. And don’t worry: When it comes to all of those configurations, we identify what will work best for your brand, so you can save your bandwidth for other things. Just tell us your marketing goals, and we’ll wrap our technology around them.

Want to see an activation? Check out these live examples.

It’s fast and easy for consumers to get started. They just click “I Want In” on any Quikly activation; sign in with either their Facebook account or an email address; provide a mobile phone number; and choose how they'd like to be notified for the live release (either email or text message). There are no apps to download.

Once they’ve opted in, consumers are officially ready to receive notification of an activation’s live release. The rewards can drop at any time and everyone gets notified at once, so they must be ready if they want to score one of the top spots. All they have to do is click on the link they receive.

A participant can also earn a “heads-up,” which is an advance notice toward when said rewards will be released, by completing a few activities (known as “Earn-time Actions,” or “ETAs”) that your brand is trying to motivate. Although these activities can include anything you’d like, they most often include actions like subscribing to your SMS marketing, downloading your app, following your brand on social media or joining your loyalty program.

Most opt-in periods last 4 to 10 days. Most rewards are claimed in less than 30 minutes.

Quikly activations do not require paid media. In fact, nearly all of the brands we work with simply leverage their owned email and social channels. Quikly’s technology uses psychology and incentives to ignite advocacy among your existing audience. This produces a surge in social referrals on its own. Depending on the goals of your specific activation, you may choose to complement your initial outreach with paid media, but by no means is it required to drive meaningful and impactful results.

Consumer Response

Quikly results are instant and transparent. We’ve seen brands typically increase response rates by around 30% and lower acquisition costs by up to 80%. In just five days, retail brands like DSW have seen 1,000 incremental mobile app installs per day; 17,000 new Instagram followers; and 51,000 new email subscribers — all of which contributed to 4,300 sales transactions. (More here.) QSRs like A&W have seen 11,000 new email subscribers in less than one week and a 35X lower cost-per-email acquired. (More here.)

Consumers look forward to ongoing Quikly activations, which bring fun and urgency to regular branded promotions. In fact, we typically see participation count and conversion rates increase from one activation to the next. That’s why many of the brands we partner with have been working with us for years.

Our solutions have proven effective across most demographics. As for age specifically, whether your audience includes millennials or baby boomers, response rates have held constant across thousands of activations.

Getting Started

If you are interested in partnering with Quikly or learning more about doing so, you can have someone reach out to you here.

Compliance and Protection

Yes, all information is safe and secure. We do not share it with any third parties. Please reference our Privacy Policy for more information.

Absolutely. Quikly obtains express consent from consumers before initiating any messaging over SMS for any Quikly activation. The disclosures presented to consumers adhere to the standards set forth in the FCC’s 2015 TCPA Declaratory Ruling and Order specifying what is required for consent under the statute.

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