Quikly for Local Marketing

Quikly provides efficient local marketing solutions with the same quality, measurement, and security as national campaigns.

  • Localization of National Programs

    The Quikly local engagement platform enables brands to run national and regional campaigns that are dynamically localized based on market-specific preferences and strategies. Individual market customization options include local branding and market-specific rewards and offers.

  • Store Openings

    Quikly captures the attention of local customers and creates awareness for store openings, which results in store traffic and sales. Quikly campaigns can also be used as an engagement marketing strategy to protect your customer relationships by taking the air out of competitor store openings.

  • Local Events

    Whether it's activating a local sports or entertainment sponsorship or creating buzz around store events, the Quikly local engagement platform can help you get the word out, distribute special offers, and even allow customers to RSVP.

Use Case

Finding a Scalable Local Marketing Solution

The Challenge
The Situation

As an innovative leader in digital marketing, Domino’s wanted to provide its local markets with a compelling marketing solution that offered the same quality, measurability, and security as their national campaigns.

Zip Code Gater

Additionally, Domino’s wanted to aggregate their local marketing executions into one holistic view that is incorporated into their CRM database. As part of a multi-year partnership, Quikly developed a solution that enabled Domino’s to run national campaigns that can be localized based on each participant’s zip code.

Geo-Targeted Campaign

The localized content created greater relevancy, which resulted in stronger program participation and stronger conversion of localized customer advocacy.

Live Release & Call-To-Action

Quikly Local offers a scalable solution that delivers positive return-on-investment from day one.