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Quikly for Email CRM

Quikly can be seamlessly integrated into a brand’s email CRM to increase performance across key metrics including acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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    Quikly not only effectively and efficiently acquires new opt-ins, it also engages your existing consumers and drives immediate sales.

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    We turn the consumer task of “profile completion” into an easy and fun experience. Quikly motivates subscribers to provide valuable first-party data, which enables brand communication to be more relevant and impactful.

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    What was once exciting can eventually become routine. Turn a mundane discount or special offer into an exciting, engaging experience.

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    Our solution can not only inspire a lapsed consumer to take action, but it can also provide you with valuable insight as to why they lapsed.

Use Case

Creating Direct, Meaningful Consumer Relationships

The Challenge
The Situation

Like many others, McDonald’s had an aggressive email acquisition target and understood the importance of strengthening consumer relationships with data.

Case mcdonalds marketing Initial Marketing Outreach

As part of their evergreen email acquisition strategy, McDonald’s leveraged the Quikly platform to motivate consumer participation, capture email opt-ins for their brand, and answer a series of seven profile questions to strengthen the consumer relationship.

Case mcdonalds earnedtime Earn Time Activity

Multiple releases occurred over the course of one month to drive consumer participation and continued captivation, which allowed McDonald’s to maximize results against their KPI.

Case mcdonalds liverelease Live Release & Call-To-Action

60% of participants will take action to 'earn time' by answering survey questions, joining an email database, or referring friends into a brand's campaign.